Anonymous asked: you should model for free people!! you really embody their image

yo hook me up, I’m down

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it’s been getting cooler outside and I couldn’t be more happy about that. I’ve missed cold weather so much since living in florida.

things haven’t been so great but I’m ok. my birthday is in a couple weeks and I am not excited about that in the slightest way.

but hi hello eveyone, I hope you are all doing dandy! I’ve been working on a fall playlist so once I get it perfect, I will be posting it for you all to enjoy! xoxo

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Anonymous asked: where are u from? like ur background


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Anonymous asked: What happened with cuddles and you?

Josh? Nothing happened, he’s my homie still. 

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Anonymous asked: I wish you would make playlists on 8tracks…. you’re music taste is impeccable <3

Hey thank you, I think so too hehe. Yeah I should do that! One day soon I’ll sit and make a good fall playlist. 

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